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How it works

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  1. Tell us about yourself

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    Create a treatment plan for your symptoms.

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    Prescription medication delivered to your door.

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Menopause is treatable

95% of Alloy customers taking MHT have symptom relief in 2 weeks or less

What Alloy customers are saying

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My experience has been excellent. They responded quickly, listened to my symptoms and responded with a protocol that’s easy to follow. I’m feeling 100 percent better. Thank you so very much.

Ketteridge on Trustpilot
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Thankful for Alloy and their doctors that make women’s health a priority! I love that I don’t have to jump through hoops or over-explain my needs in order to get the menopausal healthcare that I need in order to live a vibrant life. Thank you!

Regina on Trustpilot
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“I was amazed at how informed and prompt the doctor was in responding to my questions and helping me! I am a doctor myself and very very informed about many things to do with my health but I am an oncologist. I have learned so much from the doctor and Alloy and the YouTube channel! So many brilliant capable women standing up and saying no more this is not OK and we’re gonna fix this now. I am so thrilled to be part of Alloy! I have referred every woman I know to the site. And I do think that Dr. Malone is correct in saying that women need to take charge of their own individual health. We’ve been socialized not to and it’s still surprises me that very intelligent women that I know aren’t even interested in looking into this! I do hope that we are changing the way women’s health is being practiced and I know Alloy is a huge part of that”

Lisa on Trustpilot
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“My Alloy has been a lifesaver! Dr. Menn is very responsive, has answered several questions and provided additional information I had not thought to request, arming me for a visit to my PCP for a cardiac issue. Getting HRT through my OBGYN proved impossible. Within 3-4 days of starting my treatment, my sleep improved dramatically. Three weeks in and my skin on my body has started looking/feeling like skin again instead of flaky/itchy parchment paper. So far no migraines (fingers crossed for that to continue!!). Now just need to give it more time to work its magic on my bones, heart, brain. So glorious to have my life retuning to me!!!”

Julia on Trustpilot
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“I love this was a hassle free process, and I felt I was actually listened to and taken seriously, something I feel can be sorely lacking in the medical world when it comes to women. Women know their bodies, and it shouldn’t be a struggle to get the treatment that works best for you. We’re all different, and the key is finding what works for us individually. Thank you, Alloy. My quality of life during perimenopause is so much better now!”

Stephanie on Trustpilot
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“This company is great. I have access to a doctor who prescribed hormones when no other doctor would. I am happy and relieved that Alloy provides top notch service in their doctors and customer service.”

Cathy on Trustpilot
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“This service is life changing, for a peri-menopausal woman like myself. I had been living with low level depression, hot flashes, bladder issues, and abdominal weight gain. I was introduced to a doctor within a day or so online, conferred with her about my symptoms, and recieved medication within the week! I have been on low level estrodial (.5mg) and progesterone for 2 weeks now, and I have seen progress towards relief of my menopausal systems. I'm starting to feel like myself again. Thank you, MyAlloy!”

Leo on Trustpilot
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“My doctor wasn't interested in pursuing care for perimenopause. I looked for other options and read about Alloy. In two weeks I feel so much better and like I'm human again. The process was simple and worth so much. Thank you.”

Jennifer on Trustpilot
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“My obgyn has to take time off and I needed to up my HRT prescription but I had a 3 month wait for another doctor so I used Myalloy. I was very happy they got me what I needed within a week. This service is a life saver in a medical desert.”

Anon on Trustpilot
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Feeling better is possible

Hear from Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Sharon Malone about why you deserve to feel your best.

Feeling better is possible

Hear from Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Sharon Malone about why you deserve to feel your best.

Watch the video
anne and monica

We don't just get you, we are you

Anne & Monica were two friends in their 40s who went looking for the healthcare solutions they needed—and came up empty-handed. So they decided to create what they'd been looking for.

Alloy makes it easy to get evidence-based, holistic solutions & expertise so women can feel better now.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is perimenopause?+
    Perimenopause describes the years leading up to menopause, beginning in your forties, when the estrogen levels in your body start to fluctuate. Symptoms of perimenopause vary among women but can include irregular periods, prolonged and sometimes very heavy periods, sleep disruption, acne, mood swings, irritability, anxiety, depression, weight gain, and occasional hot flashes and night sweats.
  • What is menopause?+
    Menopause officially begins one year after the date of your last period. Prior to this, starting for most women around the age of 40, you are perimenopausal, and after one year of no periods you are forever and ever postmenopausal. (If menopause is your wedding date, perimenopause is like your engagement–some are short and some are long, very long! And being postmenopausal is like being married, except it's always, definitely forever.) Menopausal symptoms, however, begin and end on a timetable all their own, starting well before the last period and continuing for months to even years after. It can be a fantastic, freeing time of life, but there are a host of symptoms that make it hard to enjoy. There are many symptoms of menopause, but some of the most common are hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disruption, vaginal dryness, mood swings, brain fog, and weight gain.
  • What is Menopausal Hormone Treatment and is it safe for me?+
    Menopausal Hormone Treatment (MHT) is the newer term for what has commonly been known as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). The name was changed to more accurately reflect what happens in your body when you take MHT. MHT is not intended to replace the hormones at the level that they were prior to menopause. The goal of treatment is simply to use the amount of hormone that adequately treats the symptoms of menopause. The amount of estrogen used after menopause is much less than the ovaries normally produce at ovulation and at least one half to one third the amount of estrogen in a low dose oral contraceptive. The Menopause Society published a position paper in 2017 stating that MHT is safe and effective for the overwhelming majority of healthy menopausal women. It's important to speak to a doctor about what the right treatment is for you. Alloy provides access to doctors who specialize in menopause treatments.
  • What is progesterone and why is it prescribed?+
    Progesterone is one of the hormones that the ovary produces after ovulation. Progesterone balances the estrogen produced in a normal cycle by limiting the growth of the uterine lining. Each menstrual cycle is delicate balance of these two hormones. The imbalance of these two hormones (more estrogen and less progesterone) can lead to unduly long and extremely heavy periods in perimenopause. Estrogen alone (unopposed) leads to unchecked thickening and possibly long term risks of endometrial cancer, and that is why after menopause women with a uterus need to take both estrogen and progesterone. Women with hysterectomies, women with hormonal IUDs, transgender women and women who have congenital absence of the uterus do not need to take progestins.
  • Where is Alloy available?+
    Alloy is available in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.
  • When will I receive my Alloy delivery?+
    Alloy orders are sent via US mail, so in most cases that means three to five days from the time of your order.

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