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Evamist® is an easy-to-use transdermal estradiol spray. Estradiol is proven, effective, fast relief from your menopause symptoms.

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Did you know?

90% of women

see relief from symptoms within 4 weeks of taking estradiol.

Learn more about Evamist®

What is it: Evamist® (estradiol transdermal spray) is a prescription medicine spray that has been proven to reduce menopause symptoms. Evamist® contains 17β-estradiol, an estrogen hormone chemically synthesized from a plant source. Evamist® is the only FDA-approved estrogen therapy spray. It delivers estrogen using an adjustable transdermal spray applicator. It’s designed to release the same dose of estrogen (1.53 mg estradiol) with each 90 mcL spray, to ensure that you always apply the right amount of medication. The spray also allows your healthcare provider to adjust your dose without writing you a new prescription. Work with your provider to figure out the best dose for you!

Who is it for: Evamist® is for women who want estrogen therapy in a transdermal form, as an alternative to the patch or gel. Evamist® may be the best option if:

  • You have high blood pressure

  • You are sedentary

  • You have Type-2 Diabetes or are at high risk for developing Type-2 Diabetes

  • You have a strong family history of heart attack or stroke

  • You have a family history of blood clotting disorders.

  • You are over 70, are starting Menopausal Hormone Treatment (MHT) after age 60, or are starting MHT more than 10 years after your last period.

What am I getting: 3-month supply of Evamist®. If you have a uterus and don’t have a progestin IUD like Mirena or Liletta, you’ll also receive progesterone in pill form.

How to get it: Prescription required. One of our menopause-trained doctors will review your medical history to determine if this is the right treatment for you.

Do I need Progesterone, too?

The short answer: If you have a uterus and are taking Estradiol (and you don't have a progestin IUD like Mirena or Liletta), yes. Progesterone works as a protective agent for your uterine lining.