Kelly Casperson

Medical Advisor

Dr. Casperson is a board-certified practicing urologist interested in the power of the mind and science to change our views of sexuality. After many years in practice she had a life changing patient that made her curious to learn everything she could about female sexual wellness.

After she learned all she could, a little voice in her head kept telling her to speak, and she knew just helping people in her clinic in her hometown was not going to make the difference the world needed – that women aren’t broken in the bedroom, they just didn’t get a proper education (and either did their partners).

So she listened to her voice, and creates a podcast called You Are Not Broken which consistently ranks in the top 10 in the Apple “sexuality” category in multiple countries. It has been nominated for an AASECT award for three years running.

From that she has created online courses teaching women the fundamentals of their anatomy and physiology, discussing their limiting beliefs, and normalizing their normal female sexual function, to empower them to live their best love lives. She has a premier private podcast/group coaching experience starting July 2022, with livestreaming of her interviews and group coaching to help people create desire and agency in their intimate lives.

Through pursuit of certification through the Life Coach School and the North American Menopause Society, she now combines her medical knowledge with mind-work to help women with surgical precision.

An engaging and humorous storyteller, she is a nationally known speaker and is known for being approachable (like your big sister who is a doctor), making people comfortable with these often uncomfortable topics, and changing lives in the bedroom and out with her practical useful tips.