What Is Estradiol?

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By: Alloy Staff|Last updated: March 8, 2024|Medically reviewed by: Sharon Malone
Woman lying on her side in underwear with Estradiol Patch placed on her abdomen. AW079

What Is Estradiol?

Estradiol is a safe and effective treatment for some of menopause’s most irritating and disruptive symptoms. 

Estradiol treatment is: 

  • FDA-approved

  • Plant-based

  • Bio-identical

Prior to the onset of menopause, women’s ovaries produce estradiol as part of regular hormone production. When perimenopause begins, this orderly and cyclical production of estrogen is disrupted, resulting in many of the less-than-appealing menopause symptoms you may be experiencing. 

If you’re experiencing menopause symptoms, Alloy can help. Our safe and effective estradiol products provide the body with hormones biologically identical to those we naturally produce, replenishing estradiol levels and alleviating symptoms. 

Estradiol and Menopause Hormone Therapy

Estradiol gently and powerfully replenishes declining hormone levels in those entering menopause and experiencing the sometimes-intense symptoms that accompany it. When taken consistently, over 80% of individuals taking our bio-identical estradiol experience significant or total relief from menopause symptoms like night sweats, brain fog, and sleep disruption. 

Estradiol* is recommended for women and AFAB individuals who:

  • Are experiencing bothersome menopause symptoms

  • Have no personal history of heart, liver disease, stroke, blood clots or breast or estrogen dependent cancers

  • Have not had any undiagnosed or unexplained bleeding

Why Estradiol?

Over thirty medical associations, such as the North American Menopause Society, the American College of Obstetricians and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists as well as medical organizations around the world  tagree that supplementing the body’s natural hormones with estrogen is the safest, most effective way to treat menopause symptoms in healthy individuals. 

Since estradiol is the primary type of estrogen we produce, it’s easy for the body to absorb. That’s why it’s the most commonly prescribed estrogen for menopause. 

Menopause Symptoms Estradiol Treats

When it comes to relief from menopause symptoms most women report treatment in the form of estradiol pills, patches, gel and vaginal cream helps relieve some of the worst, including: 

  • Hot Flashes

  • Night Sweats

  • Vaginal Issues

  • Osteoporosis

  • Facial Acne

  • Brain Fog

  • Painful Sex

  • Bladder Issues

  • Joint pain

  • Depression/Anxiety

How Estradiol Works

Estrogen is essential for sexual development and reproduction in humans of all sexes and genders. However, it’s also crucial for healthy brains, bones, muscles, heart, eyes, gut  flora, and more. As we age and estrogen levels drop, the hormone imbalance has a profound effect on many of the systems in our bodies. 

Estradiol helps counteract these effects by supplementing the waning or low estrogen levels that start in perimenopause and will persist for the duration of an individual’s life. Bio-identical estradiol can also be referred to as “body identical” because it is chemically the same hormone that the ovaries have been producing during the reproductive years.  Derived from sweet potatoes (yes, you read that right!) and FDA-approved, bioidentical estradiol fits into our estrogen receptors like a key fitting into a lock. It supplements the estrogen that our bodies are lacking and enables us to continue thriving long after menopause.

Forms of Estradiol and the Menopause Symptoms They Address

Estradiol Pill

The Alloy estradiol pill is a bio-identical estrogen supplement taken once daily by mouth.  

If you have a uterus and are taking estradiol, you should also pair it with progesterone. The progesterone is added to protect the lining of the uterus and prevent overstimulation.

Woman with Estradiol pill in hand with Alloy branded Estradiol Tablets bottle.

What the Estradiol Pill Treats

The pill treats all symptoms listed above, such as hot flashes and mood swings. The right dose for you is the dose at which you get relief of your symptoms. Most women will see relief within days and can expect a reduction of hot flashes of over 80%. 

How Estradiol Pills Work

Because estradiol pills are taken orally, they are absorbed through your gut and processed and distributed by your liver. That is why a healthy liver is important before starting estrogen therapy.   Once estrogen is in the bloodstream by the liver, it can freely interact with the over 400 different estrogen receptors in your body from your gut, to your skin and to your brain. This is why oral estrogen is termed “systemic” hormone treatment because it affects all estrogen sensitive targets in your body.

Estradiol Patch

The estradiol patch is a small, clear adhesive patch that delivers your treatment transdermally. The estradiol delivered through the skin goes directly into the bloodstream bypassing the GI tract. You simply place the patch on your abdomen and change it twice a week. 

This option works best for those who smoke or simply just prefer the convenience of a twice a week patch rather than a daily pill. As with the estradiol pill, if you have a uterus, you’ll need to take progesterone as well. 

Woman lying on her side in underwear with Estradiol Patch placed on her abdomen. AW079

What the Estradiol Patch Treats

The estradiol patch and the oral estrogen pills are equally effective in treating the symptoms of menopause.

How Estradiol Patches Work

The estradiol patch delivers a measured amount of estrogen to your bloodstream transdermally (through the skin). Our formula is easily absorbed, and the patches are gentle on the skin. It works well for those who don’t want the hassle of taking a daily pill. 

Estradiol Vaginal Cream

Estradiol cream is a silky, easily absorbed cream that can be applied to the inner or outer vulva as well as to the vagina itself. It contains a suspension of 0.01% estradiol and can be used as needed to address indicated symptoms. Estradiol vaginal cream can be used by just about anyone with symptoms of vaginal dryness, painful sex, burning or itching vulvas or recurrent urinary symptoms. It is an excellent option for people whose primary symptoms involve only the vagina or bladder or for people who are taking systemic estradiol (patch or pill) who are still experiencing vaginal or bladder symptoms. The amount of estrogen in cream can be effective in very small doses because it is delivered directly to the affected tissue.

Woman's finger trying Estradiol Vaginal Cream.

What Estradiol Vaginal Cream Treats

The vaginal cream is a direct treatment for genitourinary symptoms, like painful sex and bladder issues, including vaginal dryness, itching, burning, and frequent UTIs.  

How Estradiol Vaginal Cream Works

Estradiol vaginal cream is absorbed through tissues in the vagina, labia or vulva and bladder to provide direct relief from indicated symptoms. Because the topical estrogen in the cream actually changes the vaginal tissue by restoring the normal pH and improving the thickness and elasticity of the vaginal tissue itself, seeing the results may take a bit longer. Most people start to feel a difference within 2-4 weeks but the full effects of the estrogen may take 6-8 weeks. So don’t get discouraged if you do not get immediate relief. Consistency of use is key for optimal results.

How to Get Estradiol

Estradiol pills, patches, or vaginal cream are available via prescription only. You can work with one of Alloy’s menopause-trained doctors to determine whether menopause hormone treatment is right for you and which estradiol product will best address your menopause symptoms.  

How Estradiol Treatment from Alloy Works

We built Alloy to make it easy to learn about and treat your menopause symptoms without struggling to find a doctor who specializes in menopause. We believe women over 40 deserve to be free of symptoms and feel joyful, energized, and ready to take on this new phase of their lives. 

Getting the solutions to make that happen should be simple—so we made it simple. Our three-step process starts with a review of your symptoms and medical history by a menopause-trained doctor. Then we make recommendations and deliver your prescriptions right to your door. 

A Thorough Medical Review By a Qualified Doctor

Your journey to menopause symptom relief begins with our online assessment, after which a menopause-trained physician will assess your medical history. All doctors working on the Alloy platform are specialists in how menopause affects women, why different people experience different symptoms, and which estradiol products will work best for you. 

Your Alloy doctor will then recommend one or more of our products based on your medical history and symptoms. We treat all of our members with empathy and respect throughout the process because we all truly understand what you’re going through. 

Estradiol Prescriptions via Mail

With Alloy, there’s no need to run to the pharmacy and wait in line only to be told your prescription isn’t ready yet. Alloy delivers your estradiol treatments to your door on time to ensure you never miss a dose.

Our prescription mail service includes shipping and if you have questions we provide unlimited messaging with a menopause-trained physician. 

If You Need Treatment for Menopause Symptoms, Alloy’s Estradiol Products Can Help

Menopause symptoms like mood swings and hot flashes can make you feel like a stranger in your own body. Our bio-identical estradiol treatments are designed to be gentle-yet-powerful solutions to help you get back to your favorite self. 

Menopause is part of a woman’s life, but you don’t have to suffer from its symptoms. We established Alloy to help you with safe, effective bioidentical estradiol. Don’t take on menopause alone—take our online assessment and learn how menopause hormone treatment can help you!


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