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All of our consult doctors have been certified by The Menopause Society for over 10 years. The Menopause Society sets the standards and protocols for menopause care across the country. There are roughly 20,000 OB-GYNs in the U.S., and only 1000 Menopause Society certified practitioners.

  • Chat with your doctor on your time, from anywhere.
  • Get prescriptions delivered to your door–no waiting in line at the pharmacy!
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Complete the Alloy assessment in 3(ish) minutes.

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Message a menopause-trained physician wherever, whenever during your appointment window.

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Your doctor will share a personalized treatment plan for you within 72 hours. If you both agree that a prescription is the right path, we'll ship them for free!

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Ongoing support

If you purchase a prescription, you’ll have unlimited messaging with your doctor.

Frequently asked

What doctor will I be talking to for my menopause consultation?

The specific doctor you message with will depend on what state you live in. However, all of the doctors on the Alloy platform have been certified by The Menopause Society. The Menopause Society has set the standard for menopause care, and in order to become certified, health practitioners must sit for a competency exam. There are 20,000 OB-GYNs in the United States and only 1,000 Menopause Society-certified practitioners.

All doctors on our platform have also served as OB-GYNs for over 20 years, and have worked extensively with patients in menopause. Once you purchase your treatment(s), you’ll be able to message with the doctor you had your consultation with, so you’ll always be working with someone who knows your medical history and concerns.

What can I expect once I pay for my menopause message consultation appointment?

Once you pay for your consultation, you will have a treatment plan within 48 hours of your doctor reaching out. Your doctor will reach out within 24 hours of payment, and during your appointment window you’ll have unlimited messaging. Message with your doctor whenever, from wherever!

During the consultation, you should ask any questions that pertain to menopause health and your medical history. Feel free to discuss complications, symptoms, past experiences, and any questions about our treatment options. During the consultation, you'll be able to decide whether you’d like to move forward with your personalized treatment plan.

Note: It’s possible your doctor will reach out to you via phone, but for the most part, all interactions will be over our secure portal.

What happens when the consultation is finished?

If you choose to purchase a prescription:

  • You will be charged, and your prescription(s) will be shipped directly to your door.
  • You’ll have unlimited messaging with your doctor for as long as you’re receiving treatment.

If you choose not to purchase a prescription:

  • Nothing left to do! You won’t be charged anything beyond your initial consultation.

If your doctor needs additional information beyond the appointment window, you will be able to follow up with your doctor and provide the information within two weeks of your appointment.

Does the consultation fee include prescription costs?

No, prescription costs are not included in the cost of the initial consultation. We are working hard to be able to offer our services and prescriptions at a cost that makes them as accessible as possible.

If I don’t get a treatment with my consultation, will I be refunded the cost?

If you don’t move forward with treatment, you will still be charged $49 for the consultation. This is to cover the doctors’ time and access to their expertise.

How do I know this is secure?

All communication with your doctor will take place via a HIPAA-compliant text portal and is secure.

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