Rachel Hughes



Rachel is a graduate of Vassar College, a former dancer with The Alvin Ailey American Dance Center and MSEd from Bank St.College in NYC, where she focused on Early Childhood and Museum Education. She later obtained her license in Nutritional Counseling and worked with chronic pain patients for over 10 years at the New England Center for Chronic Pain in Greenwich, CT. Rachel is also the author of several publications on a range of health conditions including: IBS, Tinnitus and Fibromyalgia.

As her own peri-menopausal symptoms became disruptive to her life, Rachel sought out much needed clarity and information and found there to be a growing number of likeminded women sharing lots of anecdotes, symptoms and questions but receiving few answers. Rachel came alongside the heyperry platform in 2020, launching and hosting “Perry Talks” a series of live interviews with physicians, experts, thought leaders and inspirational voices on all things peri/menopause, exclusively on the @ohhelloperry app and podcast, PerimenopauseWTF! With Rachel’s involvement the Perry community grew exponentially and now stands firmly as the #1 menopause community app.

The menopausal transition affects each woman uniquely and in various ways. Continuing in the spirit of education and with a commitment to bridging a gap between real women with troublesome symptoms and solutions that allow them to live their best lives, Rachel is now the Community Manager of Alloy Women’s Health where she works to bring inspirational, inclusive and pertinent information to those seeking thoughtful, science-backed, data-driven hormonal support and expert care. Rachel leads and facilitates webinars and support groups where women are a provided clarity and evidence based solutions from medical experts as well as virtual and live gatherings in spaces where women may come together, share time, stories and community.