Monica Molenaar



At the age of 40, Monica tested positive for the BRCA gene and elected to remove her ovaries prophylactically to reduce her risk of breast and ovarian cancers, thereby ending her natural production of estrogen and sending her into surgical menopause overnight. This began a multi-year journey trying to make sense of all the misinformation and lack of clarity around this phase of life. It was only after starting to supplement with estrogen and progesterone that Monica found relief from the menopausal symptoms affecting her quality of life and was able to get back to work. She was inspired to start Alloy to make sure that other women entering menopause would have an easier time than she did accessing credible information, effective and safe solutions, and a supportive community.

Monica is a graduate of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. A lifelong New Yorker, she now resides in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with her husband and two teenage sons.