Anila Ricks-Cord

Prescribing Physician

Anila Ricks-Cord is a wife, mother of 3 hilarious children and a board certified obstetrician gynecologist.

She is an international and motivational speaker, a two-time best selling author of The New Laws of Mommyhood & Marriage: From A New School Mom With An Old School Hustle and the coauthor of The Making of a Medical Mogul. Her passion is educating and empowering women to take charge of their own bodies and healthcare. She currently resides in Texas with her loving spouse, two remaining nest-dwellers, a lizard and two sugargliders.

Dr. Ricks-Cord attended college at Indiana University - Purdue University at Indianapolis where she performed research and published articles investigating operant conditioning in animals to better understand and attempt to curb alcoholic behaviors in humans. She then moved to Baltimore, Maryland to perform research and publish articles at John Hopkins University this time investigating Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome at the molecular level. She attended graduate school at John Hopkins in pursuit of a masters degree in Biotechnology, until she was accepted at Howard University College of Medicine where her education significantly shaped how she practiced medicine culminating in her receipt of the Leroy Weeks award for outstanding clinical skills, beside manner, and commitment to patient care. Thereafter, Dr. Ricks-Cord completed an OBGYN residency at Wellspan Health in York, Pennsylvania. She practiced privately for 8 years and then became a obstetric hospitalist where she utilizes her physician-scientist mind as an emergency room physician for women keeping them from experiencing early lunch dates with their maker.