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“I love this was a hassle free process, and I felt I was actually listened to and taken seriously, something I feel can be sorely lacking in the medical world when it comes to women. Women know their bodies, and it shouldn’t be a struggle to get the treatment that works best for you. We’re all different, and the key is finding what works for us individually. Thank you, Alloy. My quality of life during perimenopause is so much better now!”

Stephanie on Trustpilot
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“This company is great. I have access to a doctor who prescribed hormones when no other doctor would. I am happy and relieved that Alloy provides top notch service in their doctors and customer service.”

Cathy on Trustpilot
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“This service is life changing, for a peri-menopausal woman like myself. I had been living with low level depression, hot flashes, bladder issues, and abdominal weight gain. I was introduced to a doctor within a day or so online, conferred with her about my symptoms, and recieved medication within the week! I have been on low level estrodial (.5mg) and progesterone for 2 weeks now, and I have seen progress towards relief of my menopausal systems. I'm starting to feel like myself again. Thank you, MyAlloy!”

Leo on Trustpilot
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“My doctor wasn't interested in pursuing care for perimenopause. I looked for other options and read about Alloy. In two weeks I feel so much better and like I'm human again. The process was simple and worth so much. Thank you.”

Jennifer on Trustpilot
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“My obgyn has to take time off and I needed to up my HRT prescription but I had a 3 month wait for another doctor so I used Myalloy. I was very happy they got me what I needed within a week. This service is a life saver in a medical desert.”

Anon on Trustpilot
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“Alloy made finding relief easy and affordable. I appreciate the thought that went into creating this service. Thanks to Alloy, my hot flashes are gone and I am beginning to feel like my old self!”

Dawn on Trustpilot
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“Initial response from Physician was prompt and detailed. Better prices than retail pharmacies. Easy reordering. My previous Gyn provider even asked for the link to recommend to her patients who can't afford expensive pharmacy HRT!”

LP on Trustpilot
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