AW211 Paroxetine (photo of a woman sitting in bed with a glass of water preparing to take pill)
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Complimentary medical assessment

  • One year prescription
  • Shipped and billed every 3 months ($104.97 for a 3-month supply)
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Unlimited messaging with a menopause-trained doctor.

What is it?

Paroxetine is an SSRI that in low doses is used to decrease hot flashes.

Who is it for?

Paroxetine is recommended for women who are not candidates for menopausal hormonal treatment.

How to get it

Prescription required. One of our menopause trained doctors will review your medical history to determine if this is the right treatment for you.

Safety Information

Paroxetine for menopausal treatment is administered in a much lower dose than what is typically used for the treatment of anxiety, so it is safe for most women.

Best for treating:

50% of women

will see a reduction of hot flashes and night sweats from taking Paroxetine

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There is no guarantee that you will qualify or be appropriate for a prescription by participating in this program. A licensed medical professional must assess your health and make an independent determination regarding whether this medication is right for you.