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Estradiol Patch


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What is it?

It is a patch you apply to your skin twice a week. Estradiol is FDA-approved, plant-based, bioidentical hormone treatment for the alleviation of vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes, night sweats) due to menopause.

Who is it for?

Estradiol patch is the preferred treatment for women who smoke, are overweight, or are being treated for or are at high risk for developing diabetes. Any woman prescribed MHT can choose the patch if she prefers the convenience of a twice weekly patch to daily oral estrogen pills.

How to get it

Prescription required. One of our menopause trained doctors will review your medical history to determine if this is the right treatment for you.

Safety Information

Estradiol in MHT is chemically identical or bioidentical to the estrogen produced in ovaries prior to menopause. Rarely, some women experience mild side effects such as breast tenderness, bloating, spotting and headaches. Most of these are transient and improve over time. Data from the Women's Health Initiative revealed a slight increase in the risk of breast cancer for women who took estrogen and progestin for more than five years. To put this risk in perspective, a 50 year old woman's risk of developing breast cancer by age 60 is 2.8% without MHT. A 50 year old woman's risk of developing breast cancer by age 60 while on MHT is 3.37%. In this same study, women who took estrogen without progestin (women with hysterectomies) actually had a lower risk of breast cancer than nonusers. If you have a history of breast or endometrial cancer, are a BRCA1/2 carrier, have undiagnosed vaginal bleeding, coronary heart disease, blood clots or stroke, estrogen use may not be recommended to you. To assess your individual options and risk levels, we recommend an in person consultation with a gynecologist or oncologist.

Suggested Use

Estradiol comes in many convenient forms for women to choose from. Pills are good for women who prefer the convenience of a daily pill to deliver systemic estrogen over an adhesive patch that delivers the estradiol through the skin directly into the bloodstream. In pill form, the estradiol is metabolized by your liver before it reaches your bloodstream and therefore, some research suggests that this form is associated with a very slight increase in the risk of getting a clot or stroke when compared to transdermal estradiol, in particular for women with a BMI over 30, smokers, and family history of heart disease. For many women, this is not a significant concern and form factor can be chosen based on personal preference. If you have a uterus, progesterone is important to take in addition to estradiol because it keeps the lining of your uterus (the endometrium) thin and reduces your risk of endometrial cancer. Typical dosage: 0.5mg - 1mg orally/daily. At Alloy, per NAMS guidelines, we start at the lower 0.5mg and go up if you need more to control your symptoms.

Best for treating what symptoms?

Hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disruptions, vaginal dryness, prevention of osteoporosis
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Will I also need to take Progesterone?

“Progesterone is important if you haven’t had a hysterectomy (i.e. still have a uterus), and serves as a protective agent for your uterine lining (endometrium). If estrogen is taken without progesterone, it can lead to excessive growth of the uterine lining and put you at risk for endometrial cancer.” If you’ve had a hysterectomy, you don’t need to take Progesterone. You only need to take the estradiol either as a patch or as a pill. A menopause-trained physician will review your medical history and make sure you get the right treatment.

What is it?

Progesterone pill is an FDA-approved, plant-based bioidentical hormone taken with estrogen to protect the uterine lining.

Who is it for?

Progesterone is necessary for all women who have not had hysterectomies. Progesterone protects the lining of the uterus from developing endometrial cancer.

How to get it

Prescription required. If you still have a uterus and you do not have a progestin IUD (Mirena or Liletta), the doctor will prescribe progesterone if also prescribing estradiol.

Safety Information

Taking estrogen alone if you have a uterus may increase the risk of endometrial cancer. If you have vaginal bleeding that has not been evaluated by a doctor, a previous stroke or heart attack or currently have or have had blood clots or liver problems, you should speak to your in-person care provider to determine your best treatment options.

Suggested Use

Plant-based, bioidentical micronized progesterone is taken orally. Progesterone taken daily with either oral or transdermal estradiol minimizes the risk of endometrial cancer. Since progesterone has some natural sedative effects, some women prefer to take it at bedtime. Oral progesterone and estradiol can be taken together.

Best for treating what symptoms?

Progesterone is used to protect the uterine lining, but it is also the hormone more responsible for giving you back your restful sleep, so many women prefer to take it before bed.
80% of women

experience reduced menopause symptoms from taking Estradiol.

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Estradiol is FDA-approved for the relief of vasomotor symptons such as hot flashes and night sweats, genitourinary symptoms such as vaginal dryness, and for the prevention of osteoporosis, which affects women in far greater numbers than men.

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The estradiol in the products Alloy prescribes is molecularly identical to the estradiol your body produces naturally. In other words it is supplemental to the estrogen already circulating in your bloodstream.

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The estradiol in the generic products Alloy’s doctors prescribe is formulated from yams— yes, sweet potatoes! And no animal products are used in any of the products Alloy sells.

There is no guarantee that you will qualify or be appropriate for a prescription by participating in this program. A licensed medical professional must assess your health and make an independent determination regarding whether this medication is right for you.